Japan, Economic Revitalization in Communities

From Japan, this group met with

Mary Randolph, Wyoming Rural Development Council

Joni Upsher, JH High School Culinary Arts Class

Lunch with Interact students, Junior Rotary clob

Triangle C Ranch (Garnick, Family Ranch in Dubois)

Rotary Lunch with Paul Vogelheim, Mike Blezick, Dan Butcher, & Holly

Heather Falk & Tim O’Donoghue, JH Chamber

Holly  Pratt escorted to Elk Refuge



  • Ms. Yuko Aota, Official, Economic Partnership Division, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry
  • Ms. Fumiko Baba, Assistant Director, Europe Division, Trade Policy Bureau Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Mr. Yuka Masuya, Section Chief, International Affairs, Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, Financial Services Agency
  • Mr. Ryuzo  Mizuta,Chief, General Affairs Section, Japan Safe Driving Center


Sponsored by Office of International Visitors

U.S. Department of State

Program Officer: Ms. Kay Yates


Accompanied by:  Ms. Shuei Sai  and Ms. Stacy Smith Simultaneous Interpreters