Multi-Regional ‘Role of Libraries’ Group

Here to study -The Role of Libraries.
The Multiti-regional group will explore the role and functions of libraries and information specialists in U.S. society.  Participants will examine the wide variety of U.S. libraries and the latest information technology applied by libraries, including Fasal and digital services.  The group will visit diverse regions of the U.S. to provide hands-on experience in new technologies for information services and opportunities to examine exemplary library systems and innovative library programs. Small team travel will focus on specific types of libraries, specific topics of interest to the participants, and special programs.  For the second segment of hte Trip, the group will divide into three teams for a split segment to Jackson, Wyoming; Portland, Oregon;and Seattle, Washington.  Participants will be divided according to their professional backgrounds and the size of the communities they serve.  Participants working in small community libraries will make up the Jackson team. The Portland team will focus on large library systems and state libraries. The Seattle team will examine university libraries, information management, and professional training and development programs for librarians.

The invited guests visiting Jackson were

  • Ms Dalia Faysal Mahmound Ali, Egypt
  • Ms Hana Mohammed Al-Bayati, Iraq
  • Ms Cheryl Fortuin, Namibia
  • Ms Yekaterina Turta, Russia
  • Mr Abdulla Masoud, Tanzania
  • Ms Theerada County Thailand

Special thanks to the following local partners; Teton County Library Foundation, The Teton County Library Staff, The Jackson Hole Historical Society, The Teton County School District, and Gilday Architiects who shared with the guests their perspectives and expertise.
The Home Hosted dinners were provided by:

The Hoeft FamilyChris, Barbara, CJ, and Charlotte hosted an amazing dinner at their home for the guests from Egypt, Iraq, and Russia. The graciouslys gracioulsy invited Missy Falcey, Engrid and Bill Sullivan, Gloria Polis, and WCIV Board member Ellen Kappas.And

Hank McKinnell & Joanna Slonecka prepared a delicious meal for the guests from Namibia, Tanzania, and Thailand. WCIV Board Chair Nancy Hughes, Gary and Syd Elliot, Anne Smith, and WCIV Exec. Director Holly Pratt were the lucky invitees!

Thanks to both families for opening your homes. At the WCIV, we’re reassured to know that our guests’ perceptions of the U.S are forged over a dinner discussion in a Jackson home, during a classroom visit with our youth, during a trip to our national parks or simply, by observing our everyday life.

The WCIV is proud to connect Wyoming with the World!